HCM Consulting & Administration

River Run HR guides your company to make the best choices for your Human Capital Management (HCM) systems including Payroll, HRIS, Time & Attendance, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Workforce Management, Benefit systems and Analytics. Selecting the best HCM solution impacts the ability of a company to conduct strategic planning and evaluation as well as run the day to day.  We help you select the right system designed to meet the specific needs of your company. 

Many organizations preparing to implement a new HCM system are unaware of the amount of heavy lifting their own team is responsible for, in addition to the work the HCM team is doing.

The implementation process may last anywhere between a few weeks for a standard, out of the box technical configuration, to a year for a more complex HCM system rollout. Does your team have someone to devote to keeping your team and the vendor team on task to meet your required system live date?

We deliver project management around the full lifecycle of your HCM technology to ensure success for all stakeholders.

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