Performance Management

Clear Expectations and Enhance Performance

River Run HR develops performance management strategies and tools to fit the needs of your company. We draft and update job descriptions and performance evaluation systems to set clear expectations for employees and enhance their performance. We assist in the development of core competencies that link to performance. We conduct performance evaluation training for managers and employee’s so that appraisals and evaluations are fairly and accurately written and executed. Additionally, we assist companies in the management of performance issues and can develop performance improvement plans and disciplinary procedures.

Disciplinary Process

We guide managers and supervisors through the disciplinary process, assist them in documenting warnings and conduct terminations for them when necessary.

Despite at-will employment has become the norm in all states, terminating an employee remains a sensitive and uncomfortable matter. Aside from conversions about an employee’s dismissal, which are always difficult, numerous exceptions to the at-will employment rule exist, and workers still have substantial statutory protection.

River Run HR ensures that your business has an established performance management strategy. We also ensure careful communication at the time of termination and documents every step of the process in detail.