LMS: Go Beyond Compliance

We’ve sent our metro clients many emails on how New York’s new “Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act” law will affect their business (and how River Run HR can help!). But is there more your business could be getting out of learning?

Companies with a strong learning culture:

  • 42% of companies report that eLearning led to an increase in their revenue

  • 56% more likely to be the first to market their products & services

  • 92% more likely to develop novel products & processes

The business impact of learning goes well beyond just staying compliant. We strongly always recommend an LMS (Learning Management System) with a content library that has hundreds, if not thousands, of courses on topics ranging from leadership and management to critical thinking in order to meet the needs of your business and ensure continuous learning and compliance is both shared and tracked.

We have some amazing partners that can help you stay compliant (especially with New York’s new law) and build a culture of learning.

While you’re researching, reach out to us today so you can get a demo on the right one for you.